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I (Jonathan) am looking to form a small group of committed people who can help in organizing this group. This group started with just 2 people in January 2023 and it has grown to 300+ members - and it will probably continue to grow by 30 people every month. It's in the best interest of the group that small organizing committee come together so that we can best serve everyone. If the following describes you, then we're interested to hear from you: - Committed to the vision of this group, which is to form a community around Dr. Joe Dispenza's teachings & meditations - Open-minded to other scientific and spiritual traditions, streams and modalities (as they are all complementary) - Able to commit some time (not sure how much yet, but it wouldn't be that much if we have a group of people) - Put the interest of the group as a whole first - Truly interested in helping people transform their lives for the better - Regularly attend our Group Meditation events as much as possible - Take initiative in organizing
We're working on a project to help introduce Dr. Joe Dispenza's teachings and meditations to Domestic Workers (Maids) in Singapore. It's still in the very beginning stages, but this is something I (Jonathan) am very passionate about. I believe that a lot of us have been blessed to know what we know and we could really bless this community through introducing them to meditation and manifestation.
We do have book clubs where people come together to discuss a book of interest (from Dr. Joe Dispenza or others). If you're interested in helping work with the organizers, let us know.
A number of people in our community have come to know Dr. Joe Dispenza's work because of the desire to overcome certain physical problems. If there are people interested in forming a small group focused on Physical Healing - to share and encourage each other - such a group could be created.
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I have the time, commitment and initiative to help in any area this group needs help in.
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