Transformed Through Meditation: From War-Torn PTSD to Peaceful Living – Todd’s Remarkable Journey 

 June 26, 2024

As a veteran of both the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War, I found myself grappling with PTSD, and the response from the VA was a plethora of medications. Given my background as a pharmacy doctor, I knew these medications would merely serve as a temporary fix rather than addressing the underlying trauma. Therefore, I sought a non-pharmacological method to manage my emotions.

Initially, I was skeptical about meditation, doubting its efficacy given my tendencies toward ADHD and hyper-vigilance. My prior mindset involved perceiving myself as a victim of circumstances and other people. As a society, we often get trapped in the victimhood of our past traumas, which are undeniably painful. However, I realized the importance of coming out on the other side and recognizing that those experiences have shaped who I am today.

Dealing with anxiety became a journey of learning various techniques, such as breathing exercises, but I soon found it essential to delve deeper. If you want to meditate face-to-face with others in Singapore, do check out our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore, which can be a remarkable opportunity to practice alongside individuals who share similar struggles and goals, thus creating a supportive community that enhances the healing experience. By engaging in meditation, I explored my subconscious to uncover and confront the survival mechanisms I developed as a child. These mechanisms continued to influence my reactions as an adult, further shaped by my military training.

Meditation enabled me to extract these subconscious elements and scrutinize them in my conscious state, recognizing that they were not real threats. During my meditative practices, I began to appreciate my fear and anxiety for what they were—survival tools that no longer served a purpose in my present. This acknowledgment allowed me to transition away from the adrenaline rushes and fear to which my body was accustomed.

Visualizing a life without those anxiety-driven states has been integral in rewiring my brain. I have transformed dramatically, moving from a deep depression to a zest for life. Dr. John Fannin’s work stands out as particularly transformative, offering me a newfound hope. I’m less hyper-vigilant, no longer requiring my back to be against the wall in public spaces or constantly scanning for threats.

Additionally, meditation has replaced my dependency on sleeping pills. Previously, the hyper-vigilant state kept me awake, ever ready for an anticipated threat. Now, meditation helps me achieve sleep naturally. This shift has been monumental for my well-being.

I encourage others to embrace this journey, though it’s challenging to confront trauma. Many resort to addictions and other forms of dissociation to avoid facing their past. However, diving into that ‘dark night of the soul’ and emerging renewed is transformative. I am living proof that facing and working through trauma brings about miraculous changes in life. Although daily challenges persist, the way I handle them has changed fundamentally, and that is the essence of my continued growth and healing.