Transformed Through Energy Work: Lee’s Journey Off Thyroid Medication After 10 Years 

 July 7, 2024

A participant, who had been on thyroid medication for the past decade, shared their significant health transformation. Starting at a 25-milligram dosage, the dosage was eventually increased to 1 grain. Approximately two months after attending an advanced workshop and engaging in energy-centered breathing exercises, they underwent blood tests in April. Although they had not yet received the results, they needed a prescription refill for their thyroid medication. However, the pharmacy refused to fill it, prompting a call from the doctor’s office, indicating an immediate need to consult about extraordinary blood work results.

During the consultation, the results revealed that the participant’s thyroid levels were “off the charts.” Understanding this to be a positive change, the participant humorously interpreted the doctor’s alarm. The doctor confirmed that the individual’s T3 levels had significantly increased, suggesting that their thyroid was functioning independently and effectively producing the hormone on its own. This implied that external medication was no longer necessary.

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Embracing this new state of health, the individual decided to discontinue the thyroid medication entirely. After a year of being off the medication, they reported having tremendous energy and feeling a remarkable difference compared to their initial symptoms, which included severe fatigue that made even basic movement challenging. Ultimately, this journey represented a significant healing milestone, affirming the effectiveness of the practices learned in the advanced workshop.