Stories Of Transformation – Jorge’s Journey From First Meditation To Healing With Divine Energy 

 June 27, 2024

The video recounts a deeply personal journey of a man and his wife who began exploring meditation despite never having practiced it before. With a strong faith in God, they felt a persistent calling to deepen their spiritual connection. They attended a workshop led by Dr. Joe, where they met a fellow participant named Guillermo. After his wife suggested asking Guillermo about his meditation experiences, the narrator approached him and learned that meditation is more about feeling and letting go than trying to visualize anything.

During the next meditation session in Denver, the man experienced intense physical sensations. He describes a powerful and mysterious energy causing his body to shake uncontrollably. This experience was both terrifying and perplexing, leaving him in shock. His wife consulted Dr. Joe, who explained that it was merely energy that needed to flow through him. Dr. Joe advised him to surrender to it rather than resist.

Determined to control the energy’s flow, the man approached his next meditation session with a focus on directing the energy through his head instead of his hands. As he meditated, he felt an intense pressure building in his fists, leading to excruciating pain. The energy build-up became so overwhelming that he laid down, feeling as if he were drowning. His entire body locked up, leaving him able to move only his eyes and mouth. It took around 30 to 35 minutes for the energy to dissipate.

The man and his wife attended another workshop in Austin in 2014, where he experienced a profound personal healing. Having injured his lower back shortly before the workshop, he struggled with severe pain but saw it as an opportunity to apply Dr. Joe’s teachings. During a breathing exercise aimed at pulling energy upwards, he concentrated intensely on envisioning his back as completely healed. By the end of the meditation, his back pain was entirely gone.

At a subsequent workshop in Carefree, Arizona, his ability to reach a deep meditative state had become second nature. Anytime he meditated, he could effortlessly achieve the desired state and embark on spiritual journeys. He noticed that simply discussing his experiences would cause his hands to vibrate, indicating a strong connection to the energy he felt during meditation. This newfound ability allowed him to explore different dimensions of his consciousness and envision his future self.

The narrator expresses gratitude for the blessings that this journey has bestowed upon him. A recurring concern was the purpose of the energy he felt. Dr. Joe suggested that he might be able to use this energy for healing others—a prospect that intrigues and excites him about his future potential. Reflecting on this possibility, he feels a calling to help others through the divine energy channeled through his hands, potentially making healing his life’s mission. If you feel inspired by their journey and want to connect with like-minded individuals, you might be interested in attending one of our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore.