How Meditation Led Carol From Yoga to a Fulfilling Salsa Dance Journey 

 June 29, 2024

Since dedicating herself to Joe’s meditation practices and embracing a mindset of gratitude and openness, Carol has experienced remarkable and unexpected events. Four years ago, as a yoga teacher, she had a mutually beneficial arrangement with a ballroom dance studio: instructing yoga classes in exchange for dance lessons. Carol cherished this setup due to her deep passion for dance. However, when the ownership of the studio changed, the arrangement ended, leaving her devastated.

Determined to put her meditation teachings into practice, Carol focused on gratitude and visualized herself dancing in a new environment, ideally at little or no cost. She expressed her desire to meet new people and emphasized her love for salsa dancing. During a meditation, she entered a state of gratitude and thanked the universe for showing her a new place to dance.

A few nights later, Carol had a dream of hiking in a beautiful forest, and as she stopped by a rock, she heard the song “Hallelujah,” which filled her with a sense of divine support. This dream seemed like a sign, and she woke up feeling reassured by her connection to the divine.

Soon after, Carol received a call from a friend inviting her to go salsa dancing in Hamilton where a live band would be playing. Excitedly, she agreed. As Carol got into her friend’s car that evening, “Hallelujah” was playing, a striking coincidence that brought her to tears and reinforced her feeling of alignment with the universe.

Upon arriving at the dancing venue, Carol felt an inexplicable draw toward a man across the room. They eventually danced together, and, after sharing her story, he recommended she attend a regular salsa practice in Toronto. This salsa event, held every Saturday afternoon for a modest fee, was a place where beginners could learn and meet new people.

The following weekend, Carol attended the salsa session in Toronto and has been a regular ever since, dancing multiple hours a week. This experience proved to be magical and effortless, just as she had envisioned during her meditations.

Carol emphasizes the ease and joy that comes from surrendering to the path the universe lays out, reiterating the value of letting go and allowing oneself to be guided. For her, embracing this approach has been profoundly rewarding and has enriched her life with something she loves deeply: salsa dancing. For those seeking to meditate with like-minded individuals in Singapore, consider attending Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore to further deepen your practice and connect with others on the same journey.