Manifesting Miracles: How Lourdes Eman Joined Dr. Joe’s Workshop Through Daily Practices 

 June 23, 2024

Lourdes Eman shares a heartfelt story of gratitude and manifestation leading up to her attendance at a workshop led by Dr. Joe. She credits her ability to attend the workshop to a blend of intentional morning practices and an unexpected financial gift from her father. About a month prior, Lourdes committed to three consistent daily practices: creating her day before getting out of bed, following Louise Hay’s advice of affirming her beauty and self-support in the mirror, and engaging in a ten-minute yoga session.

Over two weeks of maintaining these practices, Lourdes received an unexpected phone call from her father. During the call, her father informed her about a small bank account he intended to close, and he planned to divide the remaining funds among Lourdes and her three siblings. This unexpected financial windfall made it possible for Lourdes to attend the workshop she had been contemplating.

This gesture from her father was particularly surprising, given that he had already gifted her money for her birthday in December. The timely financial support seemed to Lourdes like a manifestation of her dedicated efforts in creating a positive mindset and daily routine.

Lourdes is profoundly grateful and believes that her morning rituals played a crucial role in her being able to attend the workshop. She also shares her appreciation for Dr. Joe’s work, noting that she feels a deep connection to him despite not having met him personally. Lourdes recalls her initial encounter with his teachings in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and describes how she has since followed his material on YouTube and his first available CD. She expresses heartfelt thanks to Dr. Joe, acknowledging that he has been an influential companion and teacher in her life, even from a distance. Additionally, for those interested in experiencing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation practices firsthand, she encourages them to attend one of the many Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore.

Additionally, Lourdes mentions that the funds she received also give her the opportunity to attend an advanced workshop in the future. She ends her message with blessings and a hopeful sentiment of continuing to work with Dr. Joe, indicating her commitment to personal growth and a deep appreciation for the guidance and insights she has received from his work.