Manifesting My Lost Luggage: A Transformational Journey in Carefree Advanced Workshop 

 July 8, 2024

I manifested my object at an advanced workshop in Carefree, and the experience was incredibly exciting. There is an interesting backstory to how I chose my manifestation object, which began when I landed in Phoenix from LA. Upon arriving at the baggage claim, I discovered that one of my two luggage bags was missing.

I spoke to the airline staff, and they assured me they would check whether the bag had been left behind in LA or if it had simply not been unloaded from the plane. The missing bag contained important supplies for my trip, including my computer, which I planned to use for a meditation exercise. They informed me that the bag had been scanned off the plane in Phoenix, suggesting it might have been taken. At that moment, I didn’t know if I’d ever see my bag again.

When it was time to choose our objects for the manifestation exercise, I pondered various creative ideas and random objects. In a last-minute decision before the meditation, I narrowed my choices down to a long-sleeve “Becoming Supernatural” t-shirt or my luggage bag. Despite not feeling like the responsible choice, the idea of manifesting my luggage bag felt compelling, and I decided to give it my best effort during the guided meditation.

On Friday morning, after our first dimensionalizing meditation, I called the baggage claim area again. Unlike Wednesday and Thursday when I only reached an answering machine, this time I felt compelled to leave a message that reflected my belief in the unseen. I left a message thanking them for finding my bag and requesting a call back.

Before our second dimensionalizing meditation on Friday, we were shown an experiment involving baby chicks, which significantly lifted my spirits. The demonstration powerfully illustrated that our thoughts, when paired with strong emotions, can attract what we focus on. This left me feeling elated and grateful for myself and everyone in the room, and I was filled with bliss throughout the meditation. If you feel inspired by experiences like mine and are interested in meditating face-to-face with others, do check out our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore.

During the meditation, I visualized the relief and joy of having my bag returned to me, including my computer, and felt immense gratitude for having it available for the upcoming meditation exercise. After the meditation and during a break, I returned to my hotel room, still buzzing with positivity. Within half an hour, someone knocked on my door. Without any prior notice from the front desk or the baggage claim area, a man arrived with my bag and rolled it into my room. Remarkably, my missing bag had shown up within 24 hours, and specifically half an hour after the second meditation.

This experience provided me with profound clarity on our potential as creators and the power we possess. It was a striking demonstration of our ability to manifest our desires. I’m filled with excitement for the future, and it feels bright indeed.