Group Meditation Location

The "Function Room" (Level 1) of Visioncrest Residences (33 Oxley Rise, Singapore 238467).

Everyone should enter through the "Main Security Entrance" only (see below) and register with the security guard - tell them you're going to the Function Room. It's fastest to walk from "Somerset" MRT - but you can also walk from "Dhoby Ghaut" MRT. More detailed instructions below - including if you're coming by car.

Getting From "Somerset" (faster) or "Dhoby Ghaut" (slower) MRT to VisionCrest Residences

If You're Coming By Car

Go to the "Main Security Entrance" and mention you're going to the Function Room (mention Bartek's name if necessary). Once you park your car at B2, go to the door at Block 35 (Unit 5/6/7/8) and press the button to call the security to let you in - let them know you're going to the Function Room. Then take the lift to Level 1 and find the Function Room.

Any problems?
As there are normally 30 to 40 people attending our group events and the organizers would be busy preparing for the start of the event, most likely you wouldn't be able to reach us before the start as we would be busy. However, you could try to WhatsApp Jonathan (8815 8610). Our advice is to come early so you can start on time.

If you're late
If you're late and you enter the Function Room and we're already meditating, please be considerate and do not make any noise and disturb the others. Just try to find a place and follow along the guided meditation.

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