A Journey of Healing: From Top Toronto Real Estate Agent to Conquering Electromagnetic Sensitivity 

 June 30, 2024

Once a top real estate agent in Toronto, the speaker’s thriving career came to a sudden halt due to mysterious health issues. Symptoms included persistent sickness, seizures, and electrical sensations in the brain. Despite numerous medical consultations, no diagnosis was forthcoming until she visited an environmental clinic, which identified her condition as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This rare ailment accounted for 60 out of 72 potential symptoms she experienced. Consequently, she abandoned her career, relocated to a small town, and created a “safe” environment for herself. Over time, isolated from potentially hazardous environments, her health improved, but she remained apprehensive about the outside world.

In pursuit of a better life, she began to venture out of her controlled environment incrementally, starting with short trips. Spiritual communities suggested that raising her frequency could be the key to overcoming her condition. She attended a course and found it somewhat beneficial, increasing the duration she could spend outside. However, the underlying fear persisted, preventing her from living a full life.

One day, while researching online, she stumbled upon Dr. Joe Dispenza, a name she recognized from her earlier journey. Intrigued, she read his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and felt an immediate resonance with its content. It provided a concrete plan, unlike the abstract spiritual advice she had previously encountered. She rigorously engaged in Dr. Joe’s suggested meditations and practices, dedicating up to six hours a day, as she no longer had a job. If you’re interested in practicing meditation in a community, you might want to explore Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation gatherings in Singapore.

Her first major test was attending Dr. Joe’s event in Toronto, a city filled with potential electromagnetic hazards like cell phones and cell towers. Through committed practice, she managed to handle the environment without adverse effects, a significant personal milestone. Buoyed by this success, she signed up for another event in Cancun. This was a daunting prospect as she had not spent 24 hours in a Wi-Fi-laden environment, let alone travel internationally.

As the trip to Cancun approached, doubts and fears consumed her. Her analytical mind bombarded her with worries about the constant exposure to Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic fields. To counter these fears, she passionately recited positive affirmations and visualizations, seeking signs of encouragement. Remarkably, she saw four heart-shaped signs in the sky, which she interpreted as affirmative omens.

Upon arriving in Cancun, she faced an immediate challenge: her room had a direct view of five cell antennas. Determined not to succumb to panic, she decided to stay. She endured and even participated in a brain mapping session, despite expecting poor results.

During a pivotal meditation session, she experienced a transformative breakthrough. As guided, she welcomed trapped, chaotic energy within her, something she’d battled for 15 years. In a moment of profound release, she let the energy flow unimpeded through her body, accompanied by beautiful, undulating music. The experience was one of coherence, love, and beauty, starkly contrasting the debilitating waves she had previously felt. This was an epiphany, proving that with the right tools and mindset, one could overcome even the most terrorizing environmental factors.

Her journey serves as an inspiring testament for those suffering from similar conditions, PTSD, or any form of environmental hypersensitivity. She emphasizes that it is possible to reclaim one’s life and find peace, coherence, and love, even amidst overwhelming adversities.