A Journey of Healing: Henry’s Transformation After Severe Injury and Mystical Experience 

 July 2, 2024

Three months ago, the speaker’s second grandson was born, and later that day, he experienced an unexpected fall, landing on his sacrum and the back of his head. This injury caused severe and constant pain that persisted every moment of every day. The pain affected his ability to sit, stand, and maintain any posture, leading to extreme discomfort and a significant reduction in nighttime sleep, limited to just one to two hours per night. Despite these challenges, he continued working and participated in a progressive workshop in November in Connecticut.

Due to the severity of his condition, he had to retrain himself to walk, as bearing weight was extremely painful. His journey took a transformative turn during the second day of a particular workshop, which marked a significant and healing experience. While engaging in a mystical experience involving breathwork, he was able to breathe deeply and channel energy throughout his body. This practice involved drawing up energy and deeply focusing on it.

When it came time to sit or lie down, he chose to lie on the floor with his legs bent. During this moment, a distinctive sensation occurred in his sacrum. It felt as if his sacrum started to dance, vibrating and pulling away from his pelvis. This sensation triggered impulses of energy that traveled down his leg and into his groin, creating a feeling akin to the Northern Lights—dimensional and loop-like, coursing through his body. This energy flow was releasing the built-up trauma from his injury. If you are interested in experiencing meditation face-to-face with others and exploring such transformative practices, consider joining our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore.

Although he is not entirely free from pain, the intensity has been dramatically reduced, marking a significant improvement in his condition. The reduction in pain has turned a crucial corner for him, enhancing the quality of his motions and overall mobility. This positive change in his physical condition has also had a noticeable impact on his mood and behavior. His wife has observed that he has become more enjoyable to be around. The significant reduction in pain and improvement in movement and energy levels have considerably improved his quality of life and overall well-being.