Joe Dispenza Group Meditation Singapore Registration Details

Rough Agenda For The Day (exact timing and agenda may differ slightly depending on the meditations we do):

9:00: Introduction to Meditations and Questions before the start
9:15: 1st Meditation (between 60 and 80 minutes)
[After 1st Meditation: Break for about 10+ minutes]
10:45/11:00: 2nd Meditation (around 50 minutes)
12:00pm: (Optional): We normally end around this time and everyone is invited to go to lunch nearby together.

Which Meditations Does The Group Normally Do?

1st Meditation: Normally one of the BOTEC (Blessing Of The Energy Centers) meditation - normally 5 or 6.
2nd Meditation: Normally "Tuning In To New Potentials" or another one. 

About The Room & Things To Bring (Optional)

  • There are about 20 chairs/sofas for people to sit on. There's also a big carpet for the rest can sit on. Come early if you want to get a chair to lean your back on!
  • Bring something warm (blanket/jacket) as it could get cold in the room (highly recommended!)
  • Bring an eye mask if you want

What If I Come Late?

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