Healing Through Meditation: Anouk’s Journey from Tragedy and Illness to Recovery and Happiness 

 June 28, 2024

In 2007, a woman experienced a traumatic event when her husband committed suicide by jumping off a building in Amsterdam. This plunged her into a tumultuous emotional state marked by stress, anger, and deep sadness. For a whole year, she struggled to manage her life and care for her children without their father. Despite her grief, she returned to her psychotherapy practice six weeks after the tragedy, but found it difficult to cope, leading her to rely on alcohol to induce sleep. However, the emotional turmoil returned each morning, and she was unable to relax.

About a year later, while at work and already feeling incredibly stressed, she suddenly lost the ability to stand or walk and was rushed to the hospital. Multiple examinations, including brain scans, failed to reveal the cause initially. Eventually, doctors identified an inflammation in the cauda equina area of her spine, diagnosing it as an autoimmune reaction termed neuritis. She spent six weeks in the hospital receiving high doses of corticosteroids, which only provided partial relief. Released without a clear understanding of her condition, she faced a series of debilitating symptoms, including recurrent oral and esophageal ulcers. Her physical health continued to deteriorate as the corticosteroids suppressed her immune system further, leaving her in constant pain and an emotional state oscillating between anger and hopelessness.

In January 2011, she received a diagnosis of esophageal cancer, which doctors suggested was related to her chronic ulcerations. Faced with the options of chemotherapy or surgery, she opted for chemotherapy. However, after a severe adverse reaction during the first treatment, she refused to continue. Instead, she was inspired by a friend to explore alternative healing methods and attended a workshop by Joe Dispenza in the Netherlands. The workshop proved to be transformational, introducing her to the concept that thoughts could significantly impact physical health. She recognized that her persistent thought—blaming her husband for his suicide and its aftermath—was contributing to her stress and illness.

Determined to heal herself, she began a daily meditation practice aimed at transforming her mindset and emotional state. If you want to experience the powerful effects of these practices firsthand, consider joining our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore where you can meditate face-to-face with others. She received significant support from her children and gradually shifted her self-perception from a victim to a person capable of healing. Through consistent meditation, she worked on fostering positive emotions and maintaining a vision of herself as healthy and content.

By 2013, a gastroscopy examination revealed that her cancer had disappeared. She believed that her dedication to meditation and her shift in emotional and mental focus played crucial roles in her recovery. Over the years, she continued to refrain from discussing her previous traumas, choosing instead to focus on positive thoughts and emotions. By 2014, she had regained her physical abilities, such as walking and biking, and had reestablished a fulfilling life with renewed vitality. She worked again, cared for her children, and embraced happiness, believing in her agency over her health and well-being.