Fernando’s Journey: Transforming Wastewater Treatment in Mexico Through Passion and Persistence 

 July 1, 2024

A businessman from Mexico, specializing in wastewater treatment, shared his journey and experiences in addressing the country’s significant water pollution issues. In Mexico, only 40 percent of wastewater is treated, leaving the remaining 60 percent untreated and released into the environment. Recognizing the critical nature of this problem, he felt a personal duty to contribute to wastewater management and started working on various initiatives four to five years ago. Despite knocking on many doors and putting in relentless effort, he initially faced numerous challenges and saw little progress.

Through these experiences, he learned the importance of patience, perseverance, and maintaining a positive attitude. Instead of continuously chasing potential clients, he decided to adopt a more patient and positive approach, hoping that his good intentions and hard work would eventually pay off. This change in strategy surprisingly led to a breakthrough—he received a phone call from local authorities seeking his expertise for a significant project involving the YAC River, which flows through Puebla and ends up in a dam. The governor’s ambitious plan to clean both the river and the lake had surfaced, and given his long-standing involvement, he was invited to contribute his technology and expertise.

Initially, the project’s budget constraints forced him to propose a low-profile plan, but he remained optimistic. However, his optimism hit a setback when he was informed that the available budget was even smaller than anticipated, reducing the project to a minimal and likely ineffective scale.

Undeterred, he resolved to trust the process and maintained a positive and proactive attitude. Shortly after, serendipity played its part when he received a phone call from a golfing acquaintance who knew of available funding for green projects. This friend connected him with a potential financier offering favorable conditions, including partial grants, which seemed almost too good to be true.

Seizing this unexpected opportunity, he approached the officials in Puebla with a new proposal backed by this promising funding source. Their excitement was palpable, leading to a scheduled meeting to finalize the deal. However, prioritizing personal growth and education, he chose to attend a workshop in Cancun instead of immediately returning to Puebla, confident in the strength of his new approach and assured of further opportunities to improve other rivers in the future. Drawing inspiration from various personal growth strategies and activities, he frequently attended Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore, reinforcing the idea that self-improvement and balanced well-being are invaluable assets in his professional journey.

Throughout his tale, the businessman emphasized the importance of self-love and personal well-being as essential components of his professional success. By loving and taking care of himself, he felt more equipped to fulfill his broader mission of environmental stewardship and inspiring others to create positive change. His story illustrates that combining passion, love, and patience can turn ambitions into reality, and that believing in the strength of one’s ideas can lead to significant breakthroughs.