Experiencing Angelic Beings: Serefina’s Story of Transformation Through Deep Meditation 

 July 1, 2024

I would love to share my transformative experience that occurred during and after the Carefree event. That last Sunday morning of the event was exceptionally impactful for me. I went into a meditation that brought forward profound visions and emotions. The most significant part of this meditation was the appearance of four angelic beings, particularly one that stood out and continues to influence me. This being, whom I perceived as feminine, radiated an expansiveness, light, and love that swept through my heart, bringing me to tears. The other beings had similar effects, moving me deeply and eliciting strong emotional releases.

Upon returning home, I continued with my meditation practices. About a week afterward, during a two-hour meditation using a playlist I had created, I experienced an overwhelming energy field surrounding my body. It felt almost as if I was gripping an electric fence, and there was a funnel of energy drilling into the top of my head. This extraordinary experience, although brief, left me in a state of awe and gratitude, and I yearned to feel it again.

A couple of days later, while deeply immersed in meditation, I found myself in an otherworldly state, seemingly conversing with someone in an unfamiliar vehicle. The dialogue, although unclear, featured my girlfriend’s voice urging me to “just do it.” In that moment, I felt as if I were blasting off like a rocket ship, moving and reorganizing at a rapid pace. I then entered a tunnel filled with shapes – triangles, squares, circles, some with question marks. The travel felt accelerated until, suddenly, I was back in my body. This experience of nearing portals and then being pulled back by my conscious self felt like a thrilling journey, leaving me wanting more.

The aftermath of these meditative experiences has imbued me with a profound sense of connection. My sensitivity to subtle energy is increasing, making these experiences even more vivid. On a personal level, my demeanor has notably transformed; I am calmer, my relationships with my adult children have improved, and the bond with my partner has deepened. If you aspire to meditate face-to-face with others in Singapore, do check out our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore, which have the potential to foster similar transformative experiences. He was so inspired by my recounting of the Carefree event that he enrolled us in a progressive workshop. We are excited to embark on this journey together, aiming to live a life filled with such meaningful, transformative work.

I express my gratitude to Joe and the staff for facilitating this incredible experience. In just three weeks, I have seen significant changes in myself, and I am eager to see where this path will take me in the coming months. The journey has certainly begun to reshape my life in ways I couldn’t have anticipated, and for that, I am profoundly thankful.