Events Schedule

Note: Because we have 450+ people in our group currently, we use our Telegram Channel (and Group) for event registration to make the process easier and more efficient. Contact us (click WhatsApp button below) to be added to our group so you can register (for FREE) for our future events:

December 2023

10th (Sun): 9am to 1pm - Group Meditation (30 to 40 people).

16th (Sat): 5pm to 10pm - 5pm to 7pm: Group Meditation (Optional); 7pm to 10pm: Potluck Dinner.

Note: We will be starting our New Book Discussion Club probably in August / September. One group would be doing "You Are The Placebo" and the other group would be doing "Becoming Supernatural". Details are not confirmed yet.

Next Group Meditation EVENT

10th Dec 2023 (Sun)
9am to 1pm

Note: Attendance is capped at around 40 people.

We aim to do around 2+ hours of meditation each event. This could include meditations like:

  • Breath meditations
  • Blessing Of The Energy Centers (BOTEC) meditations
  • Tuning In To New Potentials
  • And also other Joe Dispenza meditations.
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