From Divorce To Self-Discovery: Susie’s Journey Through Illness, Rebound Love, And Healing Mindset 

 June 28, 2024

Following a tumultuous divorce, the speaker found herself entangled in a rebound relationship marked by significant stress and control issues. This relationship, which began about six months post-divorce, exacerbated her emotional struggles, contributing to a cycle of dependency and self-doubt. Over time, the psychological toll of the relationship began manifesting physically, leading to severe symptoms like hair loss, gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, and chronic fatigue. Despite enduring these troubling signs for months, it wasn’t until a medical consultation that the extent of her health issues became clear. The diagnosis pointed to Hashimoto’s disease, a condition typically associated with genetic predispositions, though she found no family history supporting this.

Initially, she was prescribed Synthroid, a medication that brought rapid symptom relief, including improved cognitive function and weight normalization. However, her research into Synthroid unveiled potential long-term dependency risks, prompting her to seek alternative treatments. This decision led her to consult a naturopathic doctor, who confirmed the stress-related nature of her condition and supported her desire to manage the illness naturally.

Under his guidance, she transitioned from Synthroid to a naturopathic medication named Nature Throid. This shift was accompanied by a rigorous self-care regimen, including reflection on her past behaviors and motivations. This period of intense introspection allowed her to identify and discard limiting beliefs, and it fueled her desire for personal growth.

Guided by her newfound enthusiasm for self-improvement, she delved into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, which resonated with her vision of self-healing. Inspired by stories of individuals who achieved spontaneous remissions and self-healing by changing their mindsets, she adopted a disciplined routine. This included waking up at 4:30 AM for daily meditations focused on visualizing her ideal self and life. Despite initial resistance and doubts, her dedication to this practice remained steadfast. For those interested in a communal experience, consider exploring Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore to meditate face-to-face with others and deepen your practice.

A notable strategy in her journey was ceasing to discuss her illness, effectively refusing to reinforce its presence in her life. This approach, combined with a critical evaluation of her beliefs about herself and the world, facilitated profound personal changes. She questioned the truth and utility of her beliefs, aligning them with her goals of freedom and happiness.

After about eight months of consistent self-care, meditation, and transformation, she returned to her naturopathic doctor for a follow-up. Astonishingly, her blood work indicated the absence of her thyroid condition. Even her doctor, impressed by her results, lauded her commitment and wished for similar dedication in his other patients.

This life-altering journey hasn’t just led to physical healing but has propelled her continual growth and self-improvement. She attributes much of her success to Dr. Dispenza’s teachings, which made complex ideas accessible and actionable. Grateful for the hard-earned lessons and the remarkable turnaround in her health, she reflects on the privilege of this transformative experience. Her story exemplifies the profound impact of mind-body integration, illustrating how a decision to change one’s mindset can lead to a life worth living.