Diana’s Spiritual Awakening: From Skepticism to Divine Connection in Carefree Arizona 

 July 2, 2024

The speaker shares a deeply transformative meditation experience that occurred in Carefree, Arizona, describing it as life-changing and ecstatic. To fully understand its significance, they recount an earlier profound encounter from 25 years ago. At that time, the speaker, who did not believe in God or angels, had an unexpected meditation experience where they saw seven angels looking at them with a profound love and delight. They realized these angels were assigned to guide and protect them by God. Despite their disbelief in divine entities, they found themselves in the presence of God, described as a soft, bright white light. The sensation was like floating in an ocean of perfect, intense love. In this state, the speaker felt detached from their human identity, observing their earthly experiences, struggles, and addictions with compassion but without identification, feeling ultimately at home in this divine presence.

However, the speaker eventually returned to their physical reality and spent the next 25 years yearning to reconnect with that presence of God, constantly praying and meditating. They attended the meditation workshop in Carefree, Arizona, driven by a profound sense of exhaustion, depression, and being overwhelmed by unsolved life problems. They were determined to achieve healing and breakthrough, hoping to benefit from the collective energy of the 500 participants who aspired to transcend their physical limitations and experience spiritual growth.

During the workshop, the speaker intensely engaged in meditations, ending each session in a sweaty state of effort. On the final meditation, they sat in a lotus position, focusing on the pineal gland which they had developed a newfound appreciation for. Suddenly, the brilliant white light representing God’s presence filled the space, illuminating the crystals within the gland and the speaker’s entire being. Their body responded to this illumination—spine straightening, head tilting back—as they embraced the experience with ecstasy, bliss, gratitude, and love.

In a powerful moment, God appeared above the speaker in a triangular form of white light that connected with their pineal gland in a double-geometry formation. God repeatedly affirmed, “You are mine,” claiming and loving the speaker. In response, the speaker invited God to enter and take charge of their life. A download ensued, with light entering through the top of their head, descending through their body, interwoven with luminous blue pearls, which they recognize as a manifestation of the Divine self or higher self.

The speaker emphasizes that if such an experience is possible for them, it is possible for anyone. They describe the immediate effects as profound: their depression, exhaustion, and worries vanished. If you are in Singapore and want to meditate face-to-face with like-minded individuals, don’t miss our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore. They express immense gratitude to Dr. Joe for his teachings and dedication, acknowledging how he challenges participants to push beyond their perceived limits. The speaker wholeheartedly wishes this transformative experience for everyone, offering blessings and love to all.