Damien’s Supernatural Testimonial: A Journey Through Meditation, Conviction, and Profound Awakening 

 July 10, 2024

The speaker recounts an intense experience during a meditation session that profoundly impacted their state of consciousness. The session began with an instruction to connect with their heart and share that energy with everyone present. As the meditation deepened, the speaker managed to control their state of being, slipping into a profound meditative state where they felt themselves becoming “nothing” and “no one.” Distractions would occasionally arise but were swiftly tamed.

Visualizing a tree, which had been shown earlier by Joe (presumably the meditation facilitator), the speaker imagined returning to the source of all creation. This visualization led them into one of the deepest brainwave states they had ever experienced. Their physical reaction was notable. Instead of their head tilting backward, which usually caused discomfort, it moved forward until they nearly hunched over the table, with dribble escaping from their mouth. This time, they chose to simply let it be and embraced the sensation fully, losing themselves in time and space.

In their heightened state of meditation, they made a resolute wish into the quantum field, asking for undeniable proof of its reality. They pledged not to move until they received a sign. Filled with a deep conviction, unlike anything they had ever felt before, the speaker immersed themselves entirely in the experience. Eventually, they saw a vision—not just a picture or a dimensional object, but an actual eye that seemed to be observing them. This experience was the most profound they had ever encountered.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in such transformative experiences and would like to meditate face-to-face with others, consider checking out our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore held regularly. The eye and the speaker observed each other for some time, deepening the connection. Eventually, they felt an intense physical sensation, as if their eyelids were being forcibly opened. Recalling Joe’s counsel to remain fully committed to the session from start to finish, they fought the urge to stay entirely in the meditative state. However, the pull to open their eyes grew stronger. A divine voice, described as the most beautiful one they had ever heard, urged them to open their eyes. Summoning the courage, they complied.

Upon opening their eyes, they believed they had reached the highest possible brainwave activity, likely higher gamma, resulting in a state of ecstasy that permeated their entire being. This experience allowed them to perceive everyone in the room as interconnected, as one entity.

Following Joe’s instruction, the speaker lay down while striving to maintain their heightened state. Although they attempted to close their eyes again, the mystical force wouldn’t allow it. Instead, they lay on their back, staring at the ceiling, and entered a reality that felt akin to a hallucination. A portal or hole appeared in another dimension, one that transcended ordinary physical dimensions. This portal pulsated rhythmically, moving through the roof and beyond, offering a glimpse into an existence that felt vast and otherworldly.

The speaker concludes with acknowledgment of the profound and transformative nature of their experience, signaling an encounter that extended beyond the confines of their typical reality.