From Crisis to Cure: Njemile’s Journey Battling Severe Menstrual Symptoms Without Surgery 

 July 5, 2024

About six years ago, I started experiencing extremely severe menstrual symptoms, specifically heavy bleeding that significantly impacted my daily life. The bleeding was so intense that I had to miss work for several days each cycle, and even a short commute would result in me bleeding through all the protective layers I had used. A critical moment came when a friend, who had some medical training, advised me to go to the emergency room immediately due to the rapid blood loss and the risk of passing out while driving. At the hospital, I received immediate attention and was admitted for a few days, though I had to leave prematurely because my father was dying.

Despite some improvement, my condition remained problematic. I moved to Havana, Cuba, and my first menstrual cycle there was particularly alarming. A local gynecologist diagnosed me with large fibroids and offered to perform a hysterectomy for free. I decided to return to the United States for treatment, but on the flight from Havana to Mexico City, I started hemorrhaging severely. I was rushed to a hospital in Mexico City, where thankfully the bleeding stopped on its own, allowing me to continue my journey to the U.S.

Back home, multiple doctors recommended a hysterectomy and strong medications, but I refused both options. I had already pre-ordered Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “You Are the Placebo” and downloaded his meditations. Committed to healing myself without invasive surgery or drugs, I began practicing the meditations rigorously.

Dr. Joe’s method involves meditating until one feels a significant shift. I dedicated myself to this practice intensely, often meditating for hours until I felt a change. I visualized detailed scenarios where doctors would look at my medical records in confusion, ultimately confirming that my condition had inexplicably improved.

By September, after starting the meditations in June, I noticed remarkable improvements in my health. I no longer feared my menstrual cycle, and I confidently informed people that I had cured myself, although I had yet to receive medical verification. I insisted on a blood test and an ultrasound to confirm my belief that my fibroids had significantly reduced. The results showed that the smaller fibroids had vanished and the larger ones had shrunk dramatically. Surprisingly, instead of being pleased, my doctor was skeptical, attributing the results to possible errors in the ultrasounds rather than acknowledging the possibility of self-healing.

Undeterred, I explained to the doctor my belief in non-traditional healing methods. Despite his disbelief, I knew my body had healed. My periods became light and manageable, better than they had been even before the onset of symptoms. The fibroids were no longer palpable, and as far as I was concerned, they had never existed.

In hindsight, I wish I had shared my story sooner. My motivation came from reading a testimonial in one of Dr. Joe’s books about a woman with similar issues who also sought alternative healing methods. Her experience gave me the hope and determination to pursue a non-surgical, drug-free path to recovery, leading me to embrace and successfully utilize Dr. Joe’s meditative practices. If you are looking to explore the power of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation events in Singapore, they can offer a unique opportunity to connect with a community that shares a belief in transformative healing. This is my story of overcoming a daunting health challenge through unconventional means.