Adwynna’s Story Of Transformation: Hyper Vigilance To Ecstasy, Discovering It’s Okay To Play 

 July 4, 2024

In an advanced workshop, a participant had a transformative experience during a brain mapping session which brought a profound realization and emotional release. Having endured significant personal losses, including the deaths of her older sister from asthma at age 22 and her younger sister in a car accident at age 32, she transitioned from being a middle child to an only child. These traumatic events left her in a constant state of hyper-vigilance and low-grade stress, manifesting as anxiety that often woke her at 4 AM.

Throughout her life, she engaged deeply in processing her grief, but it wasn’t until today’s meditation that she uncovered the root of her ongoing anxiety. During the brain mapping, she experienced a deep sense of awareness and connection. If you want to meditate face-to-face with others in Singapore, do check out our Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation events in Singapore, where participants frequently report profound shifts and enhanced states of well-being similar to those encountered during her transformative session. After the session, she instinctively checked on her family—her daughter, son, and husband—and suddenly felt a profound certainty that everyone was safe. This reassuring awareness extended to everyone in her life and the entire room, providing her with an overwhelming sense of peace and security.

She reflected on Dr. Joe’s teachings about the significance of playfulness and joy in one’s life, understanding it on a much deeper level now. Since childhood, she had been serious, but the meditation gave her a permission she didn’t know she needed: the freedom to play and be joyful. This newfound insight led to an ecstatic state where her brain activity, as recorded by the EEG, went off the charts. She described the experience as one of pure ecstasy, her hands moving as though filled with light, transforming her into a being of light.

This incredible emotional and spiritual release marked a significant shift in her psyche. She realized that she had been unconsciously burdened with the need to protect everyone around her, a role she could now relinquish. With that weight lifted, she felt invigorated and excited about what the future holds. This powerful breakthrough has opened a new chapter in her life, filled with the potential of joy and playfulness she had long since forgotten or suppressed.